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Choose from the specially chosen and priced face or body rejuvenation packages with a 20 or 30 minute face, hand leg or butt add-on
Body Rejuvenation package
£105 or £135
60 or 90 minute
Skin & muscle manual massage or electrotherapy (environ / Caci machine)
Stimulating circulatory systems (environ / Caci machine)
Reducing the look of sagging muscles stretch marks and cellulite
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Face rejuvenation package
£55 or £95
30 or 60 minute massage
Facial skin & muscle rejuvenation (Environ machine)
Collagen and elastin stimulation (Environ machine)
Reducing fine lines and wrinkles & pigmentation
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£35 or £45
20 or 30 mins
Facial hydration (Hydrotone)
Hand rejuvenation & hydration (mask)
Leg or Butt lift (Cellulo cream)
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